Technical and Maritime Affairs Division

The Technical and Maritime Affairs Division is considered one of the pillars of the Center since its inception in the Marine Science Center at the beginning of the eighties of the last century. It was at the level of a division called (Technical Services Division). It has a specialized cadre in all specializations, and the Technical Division made many sacrifices, especially in 1991 when the research ship (the researcher) was bombed by the American aggression in Khor Al-Zubair, killing four martyrs from the ship's crew and drowning the entire ship.


The Division of Technical and Maritime Affairs strives to achieve its objectives by the following means:

Providing electricity through the national or electric generators to the building of the center, including laboratories, rooms for teachers and employees, and circuit breakers, and maintaining it in the event of a power failure.
Providing water to the center building, if it is in laboratories or sanitary baths, and perpetuating all holidays that occur there.
Supplying electric generators with fuel and oil, and maintaining them on a weekly basis, to provide electrical power to the building in the event of a breakdown or a national power outage.
Providing, maintaining and repairing the department’s cars and equipping them in the service and running of the department’s daily work, and sending daily mail to the university’s presidency and the rest of the state’s departments.
Cleaning all sections of the building by the cleaning staff, including laboratories, rooms, corridors, internal and external yards
Supervising the arrangement and cleaning of the center's gardens
Preparing and preparing the center's marine vessels from the scientific ship Naseem Basra and Al-Bahith to prepare them for sailing to bring relief
Participation by the technical department staff in all conferences, seminars and workshops inside and outside the center.


The Technical and Maritime Affairs Division aims at joint cooperation with all scientific and administrative departments, and provides them with a great service in all technical and maritime fields, and their participation in all events, and the department will support them.