Physics Department Laboratories

Department Laboratories:


1-Marine Climate Laboratory:

This laboratory contains marine weather instruments, through which marine weather elements are measured, the temperature of air and water, relative humidity, atmospheric pressure, rain measurement, wind speed and direction, and all other atmospheric elements.


2-Marine Radiation Laboratory:

It is interested in studying the concentrations of radioactive elements in the marine environment, the Iraqi coasts, rivers. In addition, the measurements of  dating which is the main laboratory in the university  that cares and measures the dating water areas.


3-Hydrographic Survey Laboratory:

Hydrographic surveys are carried out to measure the bathymetry and bottom shape of water bodies (estuaries, lagoons, and marshes) as well as tides to find tidal levels in Iraqi marine waters. It is also concerned with monitoring changes in bottom shape (side scanner).


4-Physical Properties Laboratory:

 Samples are collected from the Shatt al-Arab water, for the purpose of measuring its salinity, using the Reversing Water sampler Model:1506, for different depths of the water column (middle and bottom). The samples are collected in plastic bottles. Measuring the current speed by using a (Current meter) Model:CM-2. Moreover, Echo Sounder, pH levels, electrical conductivity, and air and water temperatures are measured. The temperature is measured by field meter (pH-Model: CC-411). The Salinity ( g/L) is measured using a Digital Salinomete OSK 3288Model: E -202. The field electrical conductivity (E.C)  in (mmose/cm) and total dissolved materials (T.D.S) in (grams/liter) are measured by using a YSI device Model: 556 Multi-Probe System (MPS).