Marine Information and Documentation Division

Marine Information and Documentation Division

 The Marine Information and Documentation Division  prepares the annual and strategic scientific plans for the Marine Science Center, follows up on the achievement of the departments’ scientific plans and evaluates them over the period of the research year, and works on diagnosing the obstacles facing researchers in completing the research and finding effective solutions to them through preparing relevant reports. In addition, it provides paper and electronic sources for the  scientific research for the  researchers and facilitates their work by providing access to the Internet as well as contributing to information about the activities of the Center electronically through the official website and social networking pages. The division  also documents the activities in quarterly and annual reports on a regular basis.


The Vision :

The work on expanding the capabilities of the division by developing the staff  by providing them with training and development courses and expanding the division units to provide more services to the  researchers with the assignment of administrative and scientific staff



The Division aims to achieve its mission to the fullest and develop performance in line with quality standards and developments in the scientific research process as flow

Work  strategy:

1 -  Coordination between the management of the center and the scientific departments in order to prepare  valuable scientific plans.

2 - Preparing reports aimed at diagnosing obstacles to scientific research and finding solutions to them.

3  -Providing paper and electronic sources of scientific research.

4-Informing the center and its activities internationally through electronic publication.

5  -Contribute to the development of research and administrative staff  through training.

6 - Interact with state institutions and civil society through holding conferences, seminars, workshops, and courses .


The Staff and the responsibility:

Prof.. Sadiq Salim Abdullah, Director of the Marine Information and Documentation Division

Eng. Muhammad Amin Mujbel , Computer and Internet maintenance

Hashem Zaki Muhammad Ali , Media and Design

Zaki Hamid Saleh, librarian

Kafia Rajab Ahmed Al-Suwaij, the research plan and the Culture and Society Committee

Fatima Hanoun Mahdi, Secretary of the Division

Anwar Kazem Harib Al-Atabi , Cataloging and classifying books

Eman Abdelkader   ,Follow up