marine data bank


Introducing MDB, vision, mission, goal


The first specialized data bank in Iraq, the Marine Data Bank (MDB) for Marine Science Center (MSC) is a national facility for collecting, documenting and distributing data concerning the marine environment. We deal with Marine Chemistry, Marine Biology, Aquaculture and Fisheries, Marine Physics, Marine Geology and Biological Development of Shatt Al-Arab & N. Arabian Gulf data. The databases of MDB contain measurements of different variables. MDB staff have direct experience of marine data collection. They work to ensure that data are documented and stored very accurate for current and future use


Vision :

To provide all data and information needed for marine research or decision making regarding to marine environment.

Mission :

The marine data bank mission is data management in the broadest sense. marine data bank plays an integral role in MSC's marine environmental research, and provide data services to researchers and users.

Objective :

To collect, archive and document marine data and information about local, regional and international marine environment, moreover exchange information with international organizations and institutions.