Vision, Mission and Objective Physics



The Department of Marine Physics seeks to reach the international level in the quality of research and scientific projects in the fields of marine physics and climate change. The Department of Marine Physics also seeks to support talents and community service, as well as to promote projects that lead to maximizing the university's financial resources and the requirements of the sustainable and economic development.


Clarifying the realistic picture of our marine environment in order to preserve it and benefit from it through conducting basic and applied scientific research, improving work to gain the confidence of national, regional and international institutions interested in research and studies in the field of marine sciences. Moreover, spreading environmental awareness in the field of marine environment and ways to preserve marine water resources . The Department of Marine Physics, with all its staff, also works to enhance the quality of education to produce qualified people with skills to serve the labor market and society in general. Next, to emphasize the sustainable and economic development to raise the scientific level of the department and raise the level of research scientifically to produce it in the best scientific journals.


  1. 1- The department’s work is focused on studying the physical properties of marine waters, hydrodynamics of water masses, mixing and circulation processes, tides, waves, coastal processes, hydrographic studies, the use of radioisotope technology in studying the characteristics of the marine environment, estimating the concentration of radioactive elements and calculating radioactive pollution in the sediments and components of the marine environment of the northwestern of Arabian Gulf  and the water areas associated with it.
  2. 2- The department also studies the climate and its changes and the interaction between atmospheric factors and the sea surface, building modern laboratories specialized in simulation operations, where the department prepares mathematical models to simulate marine physical phenomena as part of the department’s projects in the scientific plan.
  3. 3- Organizing internal seminars and symposium within the work of the center.
  4. 4- Providing scientific advice to the relevant authorities.
  5. 5- The Department of Marine Physics is interested in ocean science research, studying the effects of oceanic atmospheric circulation in the Pacific Ocean, the Indian Ocean and the North Atlantic Ocean and studying the effects of climate changes on the level of the Arabian Gulf and the Arabian Sea.
  6. 6- Emphasis on the quality of qualitative research to support the entry of the University of Basrah into international rankings.
  7. 7- Supporting students of the marine sciences college in primary and postgraduate studies with research commensurate with the labor market and community service.
  8. 8- Opening channels of scientific participation between the department's affiliates and the community to promote community service research.
  9. 9- Maximizing the department's financial resources to enhance the concept of the department and the productive university. Development of the department's infrastructure.
  10. 10- Participate in presenting sustainable development research to promote sustainable development in Iraq.
  11. 11- Supporting distinguished scientific research and ideas among the department's employees.
  12. 12- Emphasis on modern scientific originality to keep pace with scientific development.
  13. 13- The development of scientific units according to the needs of the community, which scientifically supplement the department’s research, as was the case with the development of the marine radiation unit, and it was then integrated as a scientific laboratory in the department.
  14. 14- The scientific development of research should coincide with the global scientific development, as the department has been running for a long time, many projects with the International Atomic Energy Agency and other international and regional organizations concerned with the affairs of marine sciences and the environment of Iraq, as well as the ministries of the Iraqi state. In addition to many memoranda Regional cooperation, such as the Institute of Scientific Research in Kuwait, the Institute of Oceanography and Atmospheric Sciences in Tehran, the Khorramshahr University of Marine and International Sciences and Engineering, as well as the University of South Carolina-USA.
  15. 15- Providing summer training programs for students of primary studies in the colleges of marine sciences, sciences, engineering and others, as part of the students’ scientific evaluation in line with sustainable development programs, the need of the labor market and community service. Emphasis on integrity and ethical values ​​to reach the best scientific achievement that reflects the accuracy and quality of scientific research production.
  16. 16- Adopting authenticity and customs to confirm the authenticity of the department and the university in achieving its goals.
  17. 17- Adopting e-learning as a scientific method in work contexts.
  18. 18- Adopting social values ​​and strengthening the national spirit among peoples.
  19. 19- Supporting the scientific advancement of teachers and students in various fields of marine physics.
  20. 20- Adopting quality standards in research and teaching. In addition, providing an appropriate research and study environment.