Vision, Mission and Objective Biological Development



Due to the deterioration of the environmental system in Iraq due to the wars which led to the neglect and destruction of all facilities of life and the environment. On the other hand because Iraq is within the semi-arid region geographically and because of its water resources and wet areas, which is one of the most important wet areas in the region and the world, as well as due to the existence of a gap in public awareness and a lack of environmental awareness, this led to the entry of many extraneous organisms, which became a threat to the local organisms, which means a greater threat to biodiversity. Iraq signed the convention on biological diversity with neighbouring countries in 2009, which includes:

• Conservation of biodiversity.

• Optimal use of biodiversity.

• Equitable sharing of benefits from the exploitation of genetic resources.

    The Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research decided to establish a centre for biological development in its book No. 8/4413 on 15/4/2013 at the University of Basrah, that was after extensive studies at the university on the subject, it was agreed with the Ministry to establish it as a department in the Marine Sciences Centre to be a new start at University  of Basrah and interested in studying the biological diversity of water bodies in the northwest of the Arabian Gulf and Shatt al-Arab.





The Biological Development Department is one of the most important specialist department in the studies related to the protection of living natural resources in the environment depending on modern technologies and methods based on trusted and purposeful research in order to study biological development and biodiversity in the local environment, as well as the development of scientific studies based on the new technologies related to standards research of the genetic sciences.



The Department of Biological Development at the Marine Science Center has a clear mission carried out by the specialized scientific staff in the department. This mission is to follow the optimal scientific approach to studying biodiversity and the evolution of living organisms in the Iraqi environment, as well as moving towards establishing a solid scientific base through the preservation and protection of the environment by relying on friendly means. of the environment in pursuit of "reaching more extensive" and comprehensive" goals in the field of knowledgeable specialization of the department



1- Keeping in touch of global development in all scientific journals related to the department's specializations.

2- Providing society and scientific institutions specialized in the environment and biodiversity with modern studies.

3- Preserving the unique biological samples in pre-prepared places for this purpose in the department.

4- Adopting the best ways to remove environmental pollutants by depending on microorganisms isolated from the same environment.

5- Identifying the new species present in the environment through modern biotechnological strategies and genetic engineering methods.

6- Employed of transferring plants from environments similar to the local environment for the purpose of using them in environmentally friendly applications.

7- Providing scientific support to government institutions through scientific consultations.

8- Supporting graduate students in carrying out scientific research.