Vision, Mission and Objective Chemistry

Department of Chemistry and Marine Environment Pollution


The Department of Chemistry and Marine Environment Pollution seeks to achieve its objectives by the following means:

1- Providing scientific research requirements for researchers in the department and the requirements of scientific laboratories.

2- Collecting and coordinating information, data, references and various documents necessary to keep pace with technological and scientific development in the department's field of specialization.

3- Cooperating with the scientific departments of the Marine Science Centre, colleges and university centres, research institutions, various state departments and the parties related to the department’s activities in a way that ensures maximum benefit from the department’s human and material resources.

4- Providing scientific advice in the areas of specialization of the department’s  researchers  to state departments, the private sector and relevant authorities.

5- Establishing and developing cultural and scientific relations with authorities and departments of similar specialization, including concluding scientific agreements and exchanging experiences with the aim of keeping pace with modern technological and scientific developments and exchanging information and experiences.

6- Active participation in organizing conferences, symposia, scientific meetings, seminars and training courses held by the Marine Science Center, colleges and scientific centers inside and outside the country.

7- Preparing and training the necessary cadre of researchers and their assistants and constantly striving to develop their expertise and knowledge.

8- Participation in the issuance of reports, publications and scientific journals.



The Department of Chemistry and Marine Environment Pollution is responsible for studying the components and elements of the chemical environment and their seasonal and annual differences, as well as studying organic and inorganic pollutants and their effects on the environment.



The Department of Chemistry and Marine Environment Pollution at the Marine Science Centre aims to study the elements of the environment in chemical terms and other related sciences, especially in the Arabian Gulf region, the Gulf of Oman, the Arabian Sea, the Red Sea and inland waters affected by the phenomenon of tides and marshes in terms of physical and chemical aspects, in addition to preparing studies and research related to The environmental reality of natural resources and their protection from pollution. The department also conducts strategic studies in the areas of the environment due to its importance for the public benefit and presents opinions, solutions and recommendations in environmental issues to the state administration regarding the department's competencies.